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Power Factor Correction Services

Power factor (correction) Surcharge by KPLC is a Fine or Penalty imposed on your Bill by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) due to Poor Power Factor. KPLC will impose Surcharge on the monthly power consumption bill if Power Factor is less than 0.9.
Our solutions to eliminate surcharge Penalty by KPLC from your Electricity bill are engineered and customized to suit your load requirements.

We have expertise in providing power factor correction solutions to our clients through different industries, ranging from Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas industry to Commercial and residential buildings. If your business is experiencing financial losses due penalties associated with a poor power factor, PID Systems Engineering is ready to help.

Power-Factor-Correction-PID-Systems-EngineeringPoor Power Factor and its penalties

Is your business losing money due to Surcharge penalties associated with poor Power Factor? You could be losing thousands to millions of shillings every month in penalties due to poor Power Factor.

PID Systems Engineering offers complete power factor correction solution to your power system. Our PFC process follows the following steps;

Site visit

A PFC expert will visit your site, examine and audit your existing power system.

Site evaluation report

Once we collect the required data, we create a site evaluation report which identifies what could be affecting your power system.

Recommendation and Solutions

After the site evaluation report which calculates your power system’s current power factor based on your current bill from Kenya Power, we make recommendations and give you advice on the next steps. These may include designing a power factor correction bank or maintenance of the already existing one.

Power Factor Correction Services in Kenya

PID Systems Engineering Ltd is one of the leading Power Factor Correction bank ,also referred to as PFC Board manufacturers and suppliers in Kenya. If you are looking for quality Power Factor Correction board in Kenya, search no further. We will assess your exact requirements and make sustainable recommendations.

We use various methods such as your recent electricity bill or energy audit to determine how much more you are paying as well as calculate your pay back period on the investment.

After the assessment, our highly trained team will design, manufacture and install a PFC system that meets your needs.

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