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Saunas and Steam Rooms installation

Saunas and Steam Rooms

PID Systems Engineering: We design, build, install and maintain affordable Saunas, Steam rooms, and Caldariums in Kenya.

Sauna and Steam Baths installers in Nairobi

For many years, saunas and steam rooms have been the preserve of luxury hotels and health clubs. Now, new systems have been devised to allow for the easy, economical, and safe installation of steam rooms even within your own home. However, they need to be airtight to prevent steam from escaping, and they need a steam generator built in. These facilities are available in sizes depending on their applications and the number of users.

Types of Saunas and Steam baths

  • Domestic – Suitable for small-sized saunas in homes and offices.
  • Commercial – Suitable for larger institution saunas in hotels and resorts.

Installation of Saunas and Steam Rooms

There are many different types of saunas and steam rooms. Also, there are as many ways to install them. Because of the extreme heat of saunas and high levels of humidity in steam rooms, both need to be built as individual units. They also need compact floors, walls, roofs, and reliable heaters.

This requires knowledge and experience. But if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can purchase ready kits which you put together by yourself.

If you are looking to turn your spare room into a steam room or a sauna, professionals such as PID Systems Engineering are willing to help with sound recommendations and advice.

Sauna and Steam Rooms Installers in Kenya

Do you want to add a steam room or sauna to your spa or leisure facility in Kenya? At PID Systems Engineering we provide sauna & steam rooms installation & builds at affordable rates.

We also install other equipment in your steam shower room such as water massage jets, and waterproof TV screens to make your experience better.

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